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Creative Communication
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01 ———————— 06
Out Of
The Box
Creative Pictures
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01 / 06
Category // Photography and video · Graphic and print
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02 ———————— 06
Passion And
Telling the past, living the present
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02 / 06
Category // Website and Web marketing · Social Media Marketing
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03 ———————— 06
The Style
Fashion and lifestyle
03 / 06
Category // logo identity · Website and web marketing · Photography and Video
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04 ———————— 06
Paint On
The Plate
When creativity meets excellence
04 / 06
Category //logo identity · Graphic and print
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05 ———————— 06
From an idea to projects that gaze to the future
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05 / 06
Category // Photography and Video · Event management
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06 ———————— 06
Colour composition at the table
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06 / 06
Category //Logo identity · Website · Photography
——————— about us
We are a creative agency that builds communication path for the companies.
If you are looking for a communication agency that holds the keyto your success, that takes out the best slogan in 24 hours or that gives you the best service at the lowest price…keep on searching, Metropolitan ADV is not for you.
We are a group of professionals that puts heart and dedication in work, we always try to do our best, convinced that to communicate your company in the right way it’s necessary to meet each other, to be in tune and to build together a path aiming your own goals, those specific for your sector.
In 2013, we founded our reality, choosing for our team creative people, skilled in specific sectors. For this reason, today we are able to offer a wide-range of integrated services: we study customized marketing and communication strategies, we create e-commerce and corporate websites, we support companies and professionals in their online and offline presence.
We can count on reliable partners, with whom in these years we have built up a relationship of mutual respect. This allows us to be the only interlocutor for the coordination of every communication service, digital or traditional.
We like challenges and we are convinced that continuous training, respect for roles and the positive vibes given by authentic human relationships can make the difference between those who communicate for work and those who do it for their own nature.
——————— services
Our services range from multi-channel digital projects to more traditional activities related to corporate communication.
Logo identity
Logo identity
Thanks to the perfect mix between creativity and technique we realize unique logotype, versatile and original
Grafica e stampa
Graphicand Print
We design images and communication tools for digital use and printed paper
Social media marketing
Social media marketing
We developcustomized social media strategies with technologies, contentsand advertising campaign
Copywriting e servizi editoriali
Copywriting And Editorial Services
We write for the media and provide press office services, always by carefully choosing the best words
Siti e web marketing
Web Site and Web Marketing
We design corporate and e-commerce website with the integration of SEO, SEM and direct marketing strategies
Fotografia e video
Photography and Video
We narrate the corporate realities with pictures and video for reportage or for business and advertising purposes
Coordinamento eventi e progetti
Coordination Of Events And Projects
During events and projects, we support companies to achieve their goals
——————— team
Different talents,
a single team.
Raffaella Calso
Raffaella Calso
——— CEO Metropolitan Adv ⋅
Active in the field of communication since 2006,she prefers the visual one and she has deepened the study of photographic language. In her first CV she wrote "problem solving" under the heading “skills”. The endless research for solutions is the engine that guides her in contacting and managing companies and customers, as well as in writing new projects.
Valentina Chittano
Valentina Chittano
——— CEO Metropolitan Adv ⋅
Journalist with a life devoted to writing and a visceral love for letters and words. Since 2012, the irreplaceable pen has blazed new paths by exploring the dimension of web, graphics, publishing and video, intersecting and enriching what has always been her world.
Alessandro Chittano
Alessandro Chittano
——— Web Master ⋅
Web designer / developer, he has gained a wide experience in web graphics and PHP programming in more than 20 years of activity in the sector. Achieve and maintain the right balance between technical needs and graphic taste is his special feature.
Daniela Natale
Daniela Natale
——— Content manager ⋅
Few words but well thought out, better if SEO oriented. She worked in the fields of digital marketing, e-commerce and user experience, before choosing to specialize in writing for web.
Raffaele La Galla
Raffaele La Galla
——— Photographer ⋅
For more than 15 years, the photography has allowed him to talk about himself in a way that combines professionalism and creativity. From portraits to still life, to capturing spaces and events, the camerais always in his hands with the enthusiasm of the first day, increasing his desire for discovery.
Ilaria Rollo
Ilaria Rollo
——— Social Media Manager ⋅
The pleasureof discovery has always guided her in every action, both personal and professional. Her human and operational experience has grown in Italy and abroad, developing genuine communication skills, made above all of relationships. The world of social media becomes in her hands a precious tool for interaction among companies and external reality.
Sara Verona
Sara Verona
——— Management and Analysis ⋅
Numbers, research, attention are the essential tools of her work, which quickly adapted to the digitization of corporate invoicing world. Always in love with what can be measured and therefore objective, she combines professionalism with a sensitive soul and a great ability to solve problems.
——————— customer
Some of
——————— Projects
New ideas,
new opportunities.
Communication and advertisingfor companies but not only, our agency also supports and powers larger projects, ranging from publishing to tourism and the third sector.
Kamala Magazine
Kamala Magazine
A glossy magazine that tells stories about the territory and the world, to rediscover the charm of printed paper.
Your Menu - Menu Digital
Your own digital menu designed to be intuitive and easy, perfect for restaurants, pubs, pizzerias and more.
Visit Galatina
Visit Galatina
The website for citizens, tourists and companies created to show the best of the city of Galatina (Lecce).
Tutto l'anno Donna
Tutto l'anno Donna
A volunteer organization conceived to support inclusive communication, far from gender stereotypes.
——————— Contacts
Direct line to
our office.
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